Improvisation for business

How do you train a lion?

Playing is learning. And no matter how fierce the lion is, it will always be eager to play. It’s a natural condition for its species to survive, by learning basic skills during childhood years.

Now let’s pretend business people are lions. They’re used to high status, delegating tasks, using power and receiving attention. On the other hand, these people make the business run as it does. Each person brings something to the table, along with personal fears, frustrations, prejudiced beliefs, lack of self-confidence and other personality issues and background baggage.

What if some of those can be turned around to obtain the best version of those people?

The basic principles of improvisation can help unlock incredible emotional and cognitive skills. And this is how the lions remember how to play, adapt to each situation and grow their business.



#1 Yes…and

Accepting a situation and dealing with it is something we don’t usually find easy to do. That is why we are often stuck in negative moments, when it’s hard to make any decision or be generative. Through improve techniques, we learn how to accept and take an idea further, to a specific result. 

#2 Listen

In conversations, people often plan ahead and make up scenarios about reacting to what is said, instead of actually listening to understand.

#3 Make everyone else look good

If your focus is switched from your individual success to the greater interest of the group, you will find the entire process is a lot more fun and effective.

#4 Mistakes are invitations

Each moment, a new information is a new opportunity for you and for others around you to have a new reaction. Change inspires new ideas and naturally unfolds what’s next.

#5 Be changed by what it’s said and see what happens

The recognition that even the best-laid plans can be ruined and the capacity to abandon them at any time, only to come up with a fresh setup instantly, is a mighty powerful tool.

#6 Be in the moment

Any situation where you’re not 100% focused and committed is a chance to miss something. We constantly train our brain, in our lifetime, to either prepare a step forward, or evaluate the last move. That is how we never actually live in the present.

#7 Play the game

It’s very easy to forget how to play, how to embrace our creativity, spontaneity and explore our imagination. Through improv, anyone can get rid of the fear of looking ridiculous and just be themselves. 

We’ll show you how it’s done. Coaching can be a lot different than expected.