eJump partnership

New badass partnership for double awesomeness!

Great! Our vision to create complex, meaningful and turnkey awesome digital projects is now easier! The year 2017 has brought us a new partner and a bundle of new opportunities for our clients! The Simplexity consultants are now introducing eJump - an expert digital agency with 10 years’ tradition of coding.

The common challenge? To create virtual experiences together, to design a digital environment for users to enjoy and clients to use to jump their business to the next level.

Their journey started in 2007, when Bogdan and Radu passionate about design, technology and work well done, decided to become masters of their own game. A few office spaces and big projects later, they created a team of people who don’t want to go home at the end of the day. No, that’s not normal. But nothing is, when it comes to eJump. They really invest in people and dedicate entire personal development programs, while always keeping an eye on work-life balance.

Today, they work for clients in 12 countries and create magic for multiple ad agencies. 

What can we provide together? Mobile and web apps, presentation and ecommerce websites, full custom web platforms - ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) or any other platforms made to optimize the business process. Furthermore, they offer the smooth sailing through bugs, system errors, boring updates and security checks. So phew! Our clients are safe now.

We are proud to complete each other’s work and bring to the table exciting social media campaigns, storytelling, creative advertising concepts and awesome designs and illustrations.

“Our shared values brought us on the same jumping ship. We aim at inspiring people to achieve greatness, while following good work ethics. We never get tired of searching for the most creative ideas that make our clients stand out from the crowd. We are sincere with what we can deliver and we rely on healthy communication to maintain a relaxed and productive relationship,” says Madalina Savulescu, the Simplexity founder.

From eJump’s point of view, it’s all about the right people at the right time. The two partners explain.

“Our mission is somehow a double one. We craft digital experiences for clients around the world, while taking care of our crew by providing a top-notch work environment. For us, that means jumping higher and higher, so this collaboration with Simplexity is obvious: more badass people working at their best on challenging projects, so that everyone is happy with the results. This is all that matters, right?” says Bogdan Chis.

Radu Pintilie agrees: “Well, Bogdan said it all, so... What is worth mentioning also is that everything we do is based on our three core values – respect, passion and honest and frequent communication, team and client oriented. This is eJump. So, it's awesome when you meet people following the same principles. That’s why we’re here with Simplexity.”

We’re currently working on our first website together, so yeey! Can’t wait to show the world what that’s all about.

For more info on our friends and their cool portfolio, visit their website. It will inspire you for sure! www.ejump.ro