The Hacks of PR and Social Media

New: The hacks of PR & social media for driving your company’s digital vehicle to the destination!

A condensed workshop for businesses 

If you’re a small or medium company and don’t have the financial power to hire a digital agency to handle your communication plan yet, this is fun and helpful!

The thing with communication and social media is very tricky. It seems so easy and if everybody’s doing it, it must mean that any employee can handle the task. You couldn’t be more wrong! If you’ve tried is and didn’t work, or if you’re just thinking of taking a social media road trip and be your own driver, take this capsule of a half-day training that will give you a perspective and some crucial tools to help you actually achieve objectives with your website, blog, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest or Instagram page.

The Simplexity team has created a 3-part interactive, gamified workshop that helps you answer some of these questions:

  • What should my focus be, when communicating on multiple channels?
  • How do I know what online channels to use, when there are so many of them?
  • How do I measure the evolution of my company’s social media pages?
  • What are the best key messages to use, so I can get my products or services promoted?
  • How do I translate the PR objectives into sales?

The Public Relations anti-crash test

First, we’ll dive into the PR part and explore ways to build reputation that will give your brand credibility and likeability. These are the cornerstones of your business development that can either drive sales along the way, or make you crash under tons of other PR messages out there.

Public relations is not simply about writing a press release or sending info to the media. It takes both theoretical and practical knowledge about defining your target audience, positioning your brand, establishing your objectives, choosing the channel mix and your key messages to fuel everything on the long run.

The Storytelling for Business Road Map

If you are your own driver, it’s likely that you didn’t have the time to design and implement the branding on your car that speaks about your business in a clear and convincing way to the customer. The story behind who you are and what makes you different is not easy to formulate in a single unique proposition. Most of the times, what you think makes you special is actually not making the audience care one bit.  

Don’t forget about the traps along the way! You will surely want to be explicit in your commercial offers. You will be compelled to sell your services or products to people loud and clear, in red giant font. We can save you from yourself whenever you feel the need to do that!

The Social Media Speed Race

Yes, going live online is like playing a chicken race where two cars come speeding head on, from different directions. Who will chicken out first and turn the wheel around? Who will be brave enough to last and win?

Knowing how to create stories through photos, how to balance your commercial and news-worthy posts or when it’s the right time to schedule a live feed can make the difference between being remembered or being unfollowed.

Let’s uncover your great stories!

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