2016 wish list

The 2016 wish list is short, but fun

New Year’s resolutions are tricky. People may actually remember what goals you set and then check them out at the end of the year. But this is not a resolution list. It’s wish list and an ambition check list.

At Simplexity, we try to innovate, we strive to succeed and make a change. And it’s not all words. We know exactly how to do it, this year:

1. Think creative campaigns embodied in microsites!

People spend time on a web page, if they enjoy themselves there. They pay attention if they are entertained. It’s that simple. So, most of the times, it’s not about how much money you spend in Google Ad Words, or online banners. It’s about what users find when they do get to your website. We imagine a virtual world of challenge. We welcome any brand or service to embrace a fun campaign, like they never did before.  A contest. A game. An online exploration kit. And we’re determined to create more and more of these microsites, for macro results.

2. Product placement is ready for a new media

We’ve all seen products on TV shows and in movies. James Bond is associated with a certain type of car, while popular shows like The Voice or X Factor are sponsored by certain brands. But as online content consumption is gaining much more time than the od-fashioned TV watching, why should brands be stuck in the past?

Gamification became a global trend, so it’s about time we incorporated products in real-feel games. This is a practical and fun way to do a cross-over campaign and send online viewers to the offline shops and the other way around.

3. Web experience should not feel like the web at all

Material design is growing. The consumer trends show that people want to have the look and feel of actual objects and screen environment, instead of abstract design elements. That means the entire web experience is important. Our quest this year is to find the coolest, most subtle, but rewarding animations, transitions or effects that complete and enrich that online browsing. The Simplexity websites will have something to remember them by. They will be unique, they will act as expected and re-act to any human intervention. You will want to lose yourself in them!

4. No bla bla PR messages accepted

Anyone can write a text and buy a stock image. But is that valuable content? Google started to reward owned content and proprietary copy more than two years ago. This year, we are ready to fulfill all content requirements. From pertinent copywriting, to web design and illustrations, including characters, animations and branding, to full-stack web development. Owned media has never been more fun. Throw away stock footage, icons and drawings and let’s start thinking about how “original, custom and personal” sound like.