The magic of three

The magic of three that will deliver better than any agency

When you want to promote your business, product or services, you want professionals who can do the job extremely well, extremely fast and with extremely good results. But you have to admit that sounds a little extreme…

You know digital is the big thing now, so you look for online agencies who say they can deliver extremely close to your expectations. They are big, they talk serious business, they’re well reputed on the market and present an impressive portfolio. But what you don’t know from the start is that they charge you for all of those things on top of what you hire them to do. And they’re all communication professionals, so they know exactly how to paint a nice story of themselves…

Here is a short summary of what happens when you start working with a big, well-known agency:

  • they enter a pitch and come up with a big idea and tactics that blow your mind;
  • their best strategists and senior accounts show up and sell you the proposals more convincing than Mad Men;
  • they win the pitch and start working for your company for a monthly fee, as the work becomes business as usual; 
  • they don’t need all the big shots to deliver daily tasks anymore;
  • so they immediately assign juniors to complete the routine ones;
  • they’ll hire third parties to build specific projects, because they can’t handle the work load and don't have all the resources in-house.

Who cares about your brand? Who is relaxed and lucid enough to analyze the best options and come up with a personalized solution that will honestly bring results, not just spend your money? It’s an extreme thing to achieve in a big agency, when everything needs to be done yesterday and each account executive has about 5 other clients requesting the same thing, all at once.

That is why we created a different, disruptive model, a hybrid between the quality of a digital agency and the free, creative and passionate spirit of freelancers.

Here is the magic of three, explained!

We’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t need an entire agency to build your online project. You only need three people to do it: a client service with strong communication and digital skills, a web developer and a graphic designer. This team system works for any type of website, microsite, social media campaign, or online sales strategy.

Because they are not an agency, they get to choose carefully the projects they enjoy working on and have the patience and dedication to carry them to the end. The personal relationship and the constant consultancy with every decision you make is a strong benefit. The costs are sensibly lower. And let’s be honest, if you were searching for talented freelancers, how would you know how to pick them? Who would be the most reliable one? How would you test their skills? And would you go through that effort?

That’s where the magic of three’s expertise comes in! At Simplexity, we only work with professionals we can vouch for. We create fluid teams of three, to deliver a turn-key project. If they’re Simplexity approved, they can do the job!

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