Is your boss a leader?

The One Thing That Will Define Your Career

So you went to school and got impressive diplomas. You’re working hard, being pro-active and prove each day you’re better than most people at what you do. It’s only a matter of time until your career is boosted by all of these accomplishments, right?

Actually, no! There is one variable that will make you either strive or fail. One thing that will determine if you get up the promotion ladder, or stumble upon each step. It has a lot to do with luck, so if it doesn’t turn out ok for you, know that it’s not your fault. The only thing you can do is watch out and be aware of it, so you’ll know to recognize it when it’s doing you good, or making you miserable.

It’s a little weird that I used the terms “it” or “thing”, because this crucial factor is actually a person. But I needed to create suspense.

OK, so what is it? The one factor that determines your professional direction is your boss. If he or she is a leader willing to act as a mentor for you, then you’re two steps up before even beginning to climb. That means that your boss will have people skills and will be open to teaching you essential things to succeed. It means that your boss will pay attention to your needs, won’t overwork you just for commercial gains and will challenge you to use your best abilities. You will learn fast, you’ll be motivated, you’ll feel appreciated and always will give 110% for each task, just because you love it.

If your boss is simply a manager, you should acknowledge that pretty fast and get out of that situation as soon as possible. Especially if he or she is a bad manager!

That will mean only hardship for you. Whatever you do won’t be good enough, you won’t feel like evolving, but being used and exhausted. You’ll never see the point of working on that job and worst of all, you’ll never improve yourself as a professional. You’ll hate to learn and take on new responsibilities and you’ll probably won’t even understand the reason why you feel so frustrated all the time.

So stop imagining you control your own success. Identify which category your boss falls into - the leader or the (bad) manager and be honest about how you feel. You may decide to stay on the job for the money, but in the long run, you may ruin your opportunity to find that mentor that will boost your mind and spirit to a whole new career level. That is your decision!