Meet Mădălina

I am not your average client service. I am a digital rock star!

I created Simplexity to match my personality and to challenge me to grow along with my clients and my passionate co-workers. So if you want to know more about this line of work, here’s what you can learn about me! 

I take your brand identity and resize it to match your aspirations. Everything I learned in my 14 years’ experience, every brief I ever received and every team I have ever been part of has lead me here.

Meet Mădălina
Meet Mădălina Meet Mădălina


I am a creator of ingenious web interactions that complete brand experiences. In 3 years as Managing Partner, Client Service and Project Manager for Pixio Interactive, I have specialized in digital projects, from websites to online applications, social media and mobile.

The solid background and know how in branding, advertising, marketing and public relations helped me come up with creative concepts, communication and marketing strategies for digital tactics, with a 360° view of specific business objectives.

The main reason why clients chose our digital services was the human-touch client service. I like translating ideas into creative layouts, I feel motivated by putting together a campaign to obtain engagement and interactivity and I can’t rest until the web development fulfills all expectations. 

Meet Mădălina Meet Mădălina

Public Relations

In public relations everything is about reputation. So you may have heard about many of my clients. You may have read about them in the papers, seen them on TV or visited their websites. This means I promoted their stories with a lot of hard work.  

And if you see their CSR initiatives being well immersed in the community’s needs, that means I coordinated the projects efficiently. Some of my clients are activating in FMCG, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, retail, finance, while others are simply small businesses or celebrities in the making. Some of them deliver your cable TV, your gasoline, or appear on the National Bucharest Theatre’s stage in a lovely play!

Communicating comes natural for me. I’m a people’s person. That’s what I do.

Meet Mădălina Meet Mădălina


I have always wanted to influence people to improve their education. I went into television with the dream of creating meaningful video experiences that either make you wonder, make you curious, or sad. In any case, to make video content that transforms you, even for a few seconds.

For Antena 1’s entertainment show “Duminica in familie” (Sunday with the family), hosted by MihaeIa Radulescu, I dedicated passionate years as a reporter, writer and executive producer. I created my own TV features, interviews; I wrote my own texts and edited scripts, along with live and recorded appearances.

For Romantica TV, I was a writer and reporter, signing my own medical TV stories and appearances, for the medical daily show “Supravietuitorii” (Survivors).

Each emotional interview, each heartbreaking or inspirational story educated my appetite for storytelling in advertising and digital projects.

Meet Mădălina Meet Mădălina


Writing may not be a profession for me, but writing well helps me reach amazing levels in my  jobs, in a professional way.

I was a published author of short stories in my 20s and now I get to write constantly for online publications and enjoy it! From fiction to advertising and online marketing editorials, I like juggling with concepts, creative ideas and crafted words. Once I manage to captivate the reader from the first line, I challenge myself to send a specific message across.

And every time, I do my best to send at least a stroke of inspiration! 

Meet Mădălina Meet Mădălina