Blogging about digital advertising

The Pixio experience was a 3-year journey as a managing partner, client service, account manager and PR specialist for Madalina Savulescu.

The copywriting skills were used to develop and maintain the agency’s blog, ingeniously called “On the Radio”. The main topics were selected from the daily challenges in the agency’s life, describing client-supplier relationships and team work.

Blog Pixio

Every article had the purpose of rasing a common issue and its potential solution. They included advice for companies on how to use their resources and obtain the best from their creative team, or how to plan their business to best incorporate the company or product online image.

On the other hand, some articles involved the entire Pixio team, who was prompted to give their own opinions on the market trends.

The tone of voice was both objective and personal, in some cases, and expressed the Pixio vision on digital interactions. The intention was to offer more than a good read, or a good laugh, but something to think about and learn from.