Short stories in prose

Al doilea Desant

Madalina Savulescu was a published author in 2003, in a collective short stories volume.

Madalina wrote three stories covering family and complicated relationship issues, uncovering the ugly truth behind crooked family values and unexpressed beliefs that could change lives due to perspectives.

20 years after the “Landing ‘83” (Desant ‘83), eight young promising authors were guided and discovered during a year of literary club readings by the beloved writer, journalist and university professor, the regretted Constantin Stan. The book, called “The second landing” (Al doilea desant) was released as a tribute to a previous bold initiative that marked the affirmation of several leading writers of the 80s.

Madalina believes she can prove him true, following her heart and her immense admiration, with great gratitude for her mentor. This was a first, but may not be a last, as the regretted professor believed. In an interview after the release of this book, he expressed the confidence that the authors who “got busy with life” would someday find a way to come back to their true love – literature.

“They are a bunch of extraordinary young people who will shock you with the “normality” of their literary themes and techniques. In a very natural and complex free manner, they have taken over our generation’s experiments and almost classicized them.” 

Constantin Stan