The journalistic experience

The 5-year experience in written press and television was a solid creative school for Madalina Savulescu. The good use of those skills during the public relations and digital advertising years have brought high expectations within the Simplexity team.

We believe that a good copywriter does not simply write with wits, or artistically. A good copywriter is the one who can perfectly adapt to the brief.

During the university years, at the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies within the Bucharest University, Madalina published several articles in “Cuvântul” (The Word) – a literary monthly magazine with a long tradition, since 1990.

Working under the guidance of Professor Marco Mulcahy, a Pulitzer nominee, Madalina was part of the team that published “The Bullet”, a bilingual student magazine produced by the Center of Independent Journalism, throughout 2003.

Still in the young years as a journalist, she continued writing for “Bucharest Daily News”, a newspaper dedicated to expats living in Romania, where she covered cultural and political news.

The television years turned a page to a new type of journalism, as a reporter, researcher, editor and executive producer for the National Television (TVR), Romantica TV and Antena 1.