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Bucharest Forum - the public events platform of Aspen Institute Romania

The events digital platform needed an upgrade both in the front-end and the backend, since its inception, in 2012. Its mission? To create a regional platform for forward thinking on economic and security policies and for promoting political dialogue between governments and business. Its online purpose? To present a series of international, large scale, conferences focusing on the needs of economic and strategic decision makers in the region between the Adriatic, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

The layout was recreated to best illustrate the corporate look and feel and also keep the Aspen Institute atmosphere. The entire information of the old website was reorganized according to a clear, user friendly sitemap. The events were all arranged chronologically to fit specific categories, while each event had a dedicated page to include agenda, speakers, a photo gallery and much more.

The website is responsive and highly administrable by the client’s representatives. All sections are editable in terms of texts, photos, embedded videos, offering great flexibility in establishing the order of events, speakers, news or press materials being displayed in the front-end.

Social plug-ins were integrated into the website, as social linking tools to best communicate with the online community created around the Bucharest Forum label.

Jointly organized by the Aspen Institute Romania and GMFUS office in Romania, Bucharest Forum enjoys the key support of the Romanian Presidency, Romanian Government and the Romanian Parliament. It benefits from a diverse participation of foreign and Romanian government representatives, political figures, experts, media and think tank representatives, as well as business leaders.