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Digital solutions for PR purposes

When a PR agency looked for a complete mix between client service and digital solution, they received a team of dedicated professionals.

Madalina Savulescu, formerly trained by Graffiti PR, became an external resource for creating and coordinating online campaigns, presentation websites, social media illustrations, infographics and online contests.

Online campaigns

For a national campaign promoting milk consumption in schools, the team created an online contest, under a big creative concept – the presentation website was entirely created with original digital illustrations: characters, environment, buildings etc.

The information was presented in an interactive manner, inviting both children and parents to discover useful messages on the milk benefits, through hot-spots in each web page. The online contest attracted children between 6 and 10 years old, as it offered an interactive discovery game that followed the process of milk production and distribution in schools.

More than 12,000 visitors subscribed in only two months and spent an average of 7 minutes on the website. 

Another campaign focusing on the milk benefits – this time dedicated to adults – followed a key PR message – “always better with milk”. We signed the website layout, wireframe and development, along with the content.

Out-of-the-box web design

An important advertising and marketing agency based in Germany requested a simple layout to answer all of their communication needs – we created a one-page corporate responsive website with 3D flat design, personalized icons, sliders, and interactive filtered content boxes.

Deliverables for other PR initiatives

We put our imagination to work and came up with creative layouts for internal communication infographics, to cover key messages.

When the PR strategy needed support in presenting a storyline for children, we created a comic-book-like project to better visually incorporate the desired info. 

The online projects were developed by our team, under the name of Pixio, at the time of the campaigns.