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Winmarkt - the most extended shopping centers network

How do you include 13 small microsites into a large, corporate one, but also keep a single unitary look and feel for the whole website? This was the client’s request that launched the web development team into heavy wireframing and sitemapping.

The most widespread network of shopping centers in Romania, Winmarkt, needed a platform that could simultaneously communicate the promotional offers, the PR stunts, the marketing and retail offers, along with corporate news.

The result was www.winmarkt.ro , a website developed by our team, under the name of Pixio, at the time. The client service and project management were conducted by Madalina Savulescu, who coordinated the team to the full outcome.

We’re proud of the in-depth search system, the dynamic Content Management System created for easy text, photo and video upload, but also, we’re satisfied with the direct and efficient user experience. During the first year after launch, the website registered 35.000 unique visitors with more than 133.000 visited pages, without any advertising campaign.

No Ad Words or other promotional campaign were conducted during this time, except a steady communication rate on the Facebook page. Along with a healthy SEO optimisation, winmarkt.ro obtained over 70% of its traffic via Google.