Zir-Fos – website and Facebook community

The Romanian branch of one of the most important pharmaceuticals producer in Italy – Alfa Wassermann, needed a digital footprint for one of their food supplements – Zir-Fos®.

The online creative concept was developed by Madalina Savulescu and deployed with our team, under the name of Pixio, in 2012. This is a presentation website including relevant information for both end-consumers and medical staff or pharma specialists. Dynamic charts explain medical terms with biographical references. The benefits and characteristics of the product are clearly and intuitively presented right on the website’s homepage.

We designed a dedicated page to best explain how the supplement works in the human body. It’s an interactive musical application that reacts to mouse over movements.

Overall, since its launch in 2012, the website registered almost 100.000 page views, over 55.000 unique visitors and obtained a solid Google indexation.

Facebook community and social media management

To best communicate Zir-Fos®’s benefits to the targeted audience, the communication team managed the Facebook page since the beginning of our partnership. The page reached over 4300 likes, obtained exclusively organically, and has a high and constant engagement rate since 2013.

The page is regularly updated with useful posts and visuals about lifestyle, diet, healthy living and the products' commercial benefits.

The team also launched a Facebook app designed as a questionnaire to test the users’ diet habits. The test revealed the truth about their lifestyle and the app showed a funny picture portraying it.

The viral mechanisms the app was equipped with made it possible to attract 500 unique users in only two weeks, organically, without other promotional strategies or ads to support it.

Online puzzle

To best interact with the Zir-Fos® Facebook community, we created an online game within the website. This was a contest dedicated to those who are interested in testing their healthy food knowledge, who knew which puzzle items were a match to a specific diet question.