PR for Improvisneyland

Improvisneyland – social media presence

Improvisneyland is one of the most creative and long-lasting improvisation group of professional actors in Romania, founded in 2008: Monica Anastase, Rozana Radu, Andreea Samson, Pavel Bârsan, Radu Ciobănașu, Mădălin Mandin and Axel Moustache. 

Their complex personalities have opened unlimited possibilities to apply improvisation in many art forms, corporate and private events, advertising, TV shows and training programs. For the past 7 years, the 7 actors have lead more than 500 amateurs to discover the secrets of improvisation and apply them in their daily jobs. 

Their experience ranges from classical theatre plays in Bucharest National Theatre, the Comedy Theatre, Excelsior, Metropolis and more, to improvisation comedy in unconventional spaces. Their technique is continuously perfected by participating in some of the most important improv events around the world – from Brussels Workshops to Amsterdam and Chicago Improv international festivals.

The PR challenge

Improvisneyland needed a communication consultant to create strategic conversation themes and grow solid engagement within the online community. The PR approach was focused on the social media activity with an eye on corporate partnerships, classical media relations and training programs.

The solution provided by the Simplexity team was to juggle with 4 different activity segments to communicate: entertainment, coaching and training, innovation, corporate events.


The results were seen in constant page management and in specific campaigns for promoting “The underpants” (“Indispensabilii” – a classical comedy performed and created by Improvisneyland, a premiere in Romania) and their 7-years anniversary show (“7 ani de VIS”).

The Facebook posts reached twice the number of page fans and the engagement proved to be 300% during the campaign. 

Media relations, networking and publicity                                                                                  
Furthermore, the collaboration covered various publicity fields that crossed over from management to copywriting, concept creation, graphic design, video producing, PR stunts, mediating contracts and gigs and strategic networking on the corporate market. 
Moving on, the long-term collaboration between Simplexity and Improvisneyland, along with a beautiful friendship and common passions, is to expand to branding, web development, and business consultancy.