Media relations for a digital agency

Pixio_Elf Evolution

The Pixio experience was a 3-year journey as a managing partner, client service, account manager and PR specialist for Madalina Savulescu.

Communicating the online projects was natural, as she coordinated them from the first client meeting to their live launch on the World Wide Web. 

Some of the digital strategy analysis articles were taken over by senior journalists and published in quality publications such as

The PR strategy included social media news flashes, blog articles describing the online advertising business and press releases issued with a constant frequency.

The online agency was present in multiple news features in the most relevant and well-read advertising publication in Romania – IQ Ads, announcing online achievements. 

Beyond classical media relations, the entire concept behind this type of communication was to produce more than interesting news. The purpose was to achieve in-depth analysis of the online advertising business and raise the understating level of the digital market through critical observations.

Pixio_Garnier Fructis