Presentation Brochure

Presentation brochure for a luxury industrial and office property

This client gave the Simplexity creative team the freedom to design and write content for a full presentation brochure. The subject was a multifunctional industrial and office space Business to Business oriented.

The main features of the property were naturally combined with the aesthetic and architectural value. Our copywriter selected specific key messages to include, having in mind the entire communication tactics used for this product – animated video, online presentation and other sales techniques.

The designer selected the best images to illustrate the multifunctional purposes for business: Showroom, Office space, Production, Storage. The brochure also has a twist: some pages are transparent layers of design elements to superimpose on the real photos depicting the final construction result.

The brochure will be distributed to key potential business partners and investors interested in acquiring the property. All the information on the strategic location, building materials and functional features are synthetized in these 18 pages. The final touch was a QR code placed on the back cover, linking the print presentation to the online landing page.