The PR experience

Crossing over from a journalistic background to a public relations career was a natural and empowering step. Madalina Savulescu, the founder of Simplexity, has a solid agency background in developing accounts by creating concepts and by implementing communication campaigns for portfolio clients.

The main responsibilities and capabilities were media relations, Customer Relations campaigns, Internal Communication solutions, Corporate Responsibility platforms, events, digital solutions in Social Media relations.

She has experience in diverse market fields and business areas, delivering PR and online services for clients activating in FMCG, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, retail, finance, entertainment, oil and gas etc. 

Figures that changed the world – a CSR project

During the agency years, Madalina was part of a CSR program for a big telecom player and was involved in assembling an ambitious project: digitizing the most important written manuscripts of the Romanian Academy Library.

The digital original documents can be browsed online, unlocking the secrets of literature jewels from Dante Aligheri, Balzac, Descartes, Balcescu, Shakespeare etc. to Enescu’s musical sheets, Vuia’s plane blueprints and many more.

The launch event included dramatic interpretation from Oana Pellea and Virgil Ogasanu, musical moments by Alexandru Tomescu and video projections. 

Grow Through Theatre – a personal development program for children

Another CSR program built within the PR strategy addressed children and obtained support from the “Ion Creanga” Theatre. Grow through Theatre was an educational project coordinated by Madalina and the PR team. The purpose was to produce a free online guide, available to all educators, teachers or trainers interested in applying theatre techniques with psychological and behavioral benefits: intercommunication improvement, self-esteem and self-awareness, increased tolerance, better emotional control, overcoming social fears etc. 

Digital Zoo – an interactive learning tool

For this educational project powered by a strategic client, Madalina contributed with creative concept, website and PR materials copywriting, online project management and video footage production, along with media relations  and PR stunts.

This stage was a crossover to being specialized in digital projects, from websites to online applications, social media and new media, concentrating on communication and marketing strategies with a 360° view of specific business objectives.