Coaching and Training

Coaching and Training

Looking to evolve on a professional level in a way that you never tried before? Do you see yourself as constantly focused on self-improvement? Are you aware that there are many ways of upgrading your business that go beyond the traditional marketing and selling techniques?

Simplexity gathers experience in advertising, PR, journalism and digital interactions.  We give you out of the box methods to grow your business.  We help you develop your human resources by stimulating creativity and obtaining a goal getter mindset. Our training programs bring new skills to your key company members and work with emotional intelligence, in order to achieve specific results.

Digital Communication
  • Social Media Training – teaching your team about generating and moderating Facebook and LinkedIn communication campaigns. Our digital experts provide insights on the promoting mechanisms available in social media. We offer more thatn the basic background, but also tips and tricks on engagement and also complex ways to send targeted messages to impact your audience.
  • Media Training – taking key staff members into the backstage of PR. We teach you how to communicate on all levels – from body language, to obtaining the best out of a negative situation. You will know, by the end of our training, how your company is seen in the media and where to aim in the best interest of your strategy.

Impro is a popular, spontaneous theatrical form which relies on characters, plotlines and dialogue being created on the spot. With no rehearsals, and storylines developed with the assistance of the audience, each performance is sure to be original.

Benefit from our improvisation training by gaining a creative and adaptive problem solving behaviour. Build trust and support in teams. Discover how to rely on colaboration instead of competition. Exercise your spontaneity. Communicate more effectively in crisis. Manage conflict expertly and change more effectively. Overcome blocked creativity and promote organizational innovation. Accelerate and improve individual and group decision making.