Social media

Public Relations

Public relations is a sum of many skills. From creative thinking to problem solving, media relations, or social media content and events planning, everything has to be in place, all at once. If advertising is the rock’n roll of business, PR is the queen of all business matters. It’s an image placed on a billboard but it’s highly pretentious, as it cannot stand there by itself. 

A good PR activity relies on business strategy and marketing solutions. Without a good products positioning and strong selling techniques, communication can hardly achieve conversion.

It’s a delicate mechanism that we analyse and discuss with our clients. We carefully select the projects suitable for dedicated professionals and determine how to adapt our services to the client’s expectations.

Here is an example of a video made for Improvisneyland comedy group with the purpose of supporting a social initiative – saving the Cantacuzino Institute, the only bacteriology and immunity institute in Romania. It was also intended as a PR activity that sent an important message to the audience: humor can be used as an efficient conversation tool.

Producer: Madalina Savulescu 

Image and editing: Monica Anastase

Cast members: Improvisneyland