Video and Multimedia

Video & multimedia

We can remember only 10% of the things we hear and 65% of the pictures we see. So why not tell your company vision through a corporate video clip? Why not explain how your services work through digital animations?

We can create multimedia stories for your audience to see, hear, play with and remember.

Go with inspiring photography when you want to communicate emotion! Choose an animated funny character to help sell your product! Let our experts with TV background write up scripts for your video and record voiceovers to narrate the plot. Let’s add a musical soundtrack created especially for you and advertise the final product as a cool video content people will enjoy.

Here is an example of a PR stunt video clip – a street happening created for Improvisneyland, the improve comedy group, on International Women’s Day.

Producer: Madalina Savulescu

Image and Editing: Monica Anastase

Cast members: Improvisneyland