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The Concept

Simplexity is not a digital agency. It’s a client service-oriented hub of professionals ready to fulfill communication needs both online and offline, through fluid teams assigned to the right project.  

Online seems simple. Everyone uses it and everyone understands it. But creating a virtual image of a company, a project, or a product needs complex skills and techniques. We bring the two concepts together, in their best synergy - complex simplicity. Or simple complexity. This is SIMPLEXITY.

We deliver the agency services, but with greater dedication to clients’ marketing, communication or branding objectives. We like to take things very personally. The one person who will understand your company’s needs and opportunities will also draw the creative lines and then follow the proper implementation. We don’t just assign a team of account executives to answer emails and complete tasks. We create a dedicated team of consultants to deliver your online project.

Madalina Savulescu, the brain behind the concept, is a communication professional with 14 years' experience in journalism, public relations and digital interactions. She is constantly gathering teams to implement various solutions for different client’s necessities in web development, online communication or marketing strategy.  

We value relationships. We place trust before any corporate brief and we thrive on professional satisfaction. Once we fall in love with your project, we offer you inspiration to achieve greatness.  

Will Smith talks about greatness. It's that simple!